Why Do Celebrities Always Use iPhones?

Apple products have always been a symbol of economic power and a factor of social differentiation. Is there other reasons to explain the stars always seem to be without an iPhone? Is it a matter of taste, image of love for apples?

Ready to draw their iPhone in all events

it is a fact that the stars (be they actors, presenters, politicians, business leaders, etc.) attend a lot of events, and are always taken photos using their iPhone. We see actors taking selfies using their iPhone. And although they tend to hide behind their mobile using a shell, the community of fans of smartphones is not fooled. Also check the Best iPhone Security app.

everyone has their own reasons: some want to let know that they belong to a social elite, others that they don’t know the rules of good taste, others argue that they like the interface, or for security in iCloud concrete (ideal to store my private photos). The reasons, and Tim Cook and its shareholders are rubbing their hands in seeing that their devices have such coverage.

The effort deployed by the Android manufacturers is not paying off

in one James Bond , Sony has made one Z5 Xperia in the hands of Daniel Craig that he uses it during filming. Or perhaps you remember the famous selfie of Ellen DeGeneres to the Academy Awards with my Galaxy Note 3. This kind of operation is not due at random, otherwise to the promotion of the manufacturers who do not hesitate to pay handsomely for celebrities to use and show their smartphones.

Why don’t are these efforts paying off? Perhaps the fault is not only to be charged to the manufacturers, but also to those stars who don’t honor their contract until a certain point. How many times we saw, for example, Samsung put one of its smartphones lighthouse in the hands of a celebrity to then see this post on social networks via… iPhone?

this is not illegal, but it is in part a no respect of the unspoken rules of the contract they have signed. But don’t think that Samsung was the only manufacturer to fall into the trap. LG has also met the same fate when promoting LG Optimus G and LG G2.

the ideal would be that the person under contract to use a smartphone uses actually the latter

the ideal would be that the person under contract to use a smartphone uses actually the latter. Manufacturers thus do not earn as much in terms of image than what they would have liked. But then, why the stars under contract do not use Android smartphones that are provided? Is it out of loyalty to the brand to Apple?

All the celebrities do not necessarily like the iPhone

to see celebrities using their iPhone on television, it is also possible to find (looking a lot) some fans of Android. The American actress Whoopi Goldberg (known for my role in Sister Act) is a proud user of the Nexus 5 (red color).

the actress isn’t the only one to refuse Apple. Olivia Wilde (who plays Dr. House among others in the series) has repeatedly criticized the Apple brand. She said that unless the iPhone 5 in inexhaustible chocolate, he wasn’t interested. Or even just “Apple does its phones to generate a dependency”.

Other celebrities prefer Android, like LeBron James who was wont to selfies with my Galaxy Note 2. Maybe that in seeking well on social networks, we will find other stars who still prefer Android against the omnipotence of Apple.

In addition to the film James Bond already mentioned, Terminator Genesis also appear several times a Nokia Lumia. Like what, to dominate the world, it is better to trust to Android to Apple! Apps to improve your skills.

You can give your opinion: why do you think that celebrities continue to cling to Apple phones?


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