Top 10 BGMI Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Battleground Mobile India is one of the most popular Battle Royale games that you might ever play. If you are new to this game, you must read the top 10 BGMI tips and tricks for beginners that we are going to discuss in this article.

The Battleground Mobile India tips and tricks in this page are working for BGMI for PC Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and iOS devices. They will give a big picture of things you must do to win the game. So you are not like a man walking in the dark knowing nothing to do when playing the game.

The game will start with many players stay in a lobby with nothing to do, but waiting for it’s playing. During the waiting time, you can practice yourself to get used to the controller. You can walk, run jump, kick or do anything you like, even punching your other players. But they will not receive any damages.

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After waiting, you will be in a bus flying with a balloon that will take you to a place, like an island where the game will take place. This is the fun part begins. Once you jump from the flying bus, the battle royale game starts. Then, you can follow our Fortnite battle royale tips and tricks for beginners.

Top 10 BGMI Tips and Tricks for Beginners:

1. Land Far from Other Players

The first Battleground battle royale tips starts when you jump from the flying bus. Make sure you stay as far away as possible from other players. You are going to choose where you land. You don’t want to land in a place where other players are staying because it might increase the chance of you getting killed. They might have already set their weapon to attack you. While you have no time to prepare or encounter the attack. So, it’s best to land as far as possible from other Battleground Mobile India players.

2. Priorities Assault and Snipper Rifles

In the BGMI battle royale, the weapons that you choose bring a huge difference. Here, you will not have a fully armed character in the beginning, but you must find the weapons on your own. After you land safely on the ground, you should start to check the environment and buildings to get weapons to fight.

During the search you may find not-so-good weapons or you might not find weapons at all. But keep searching because you might eventually find good weapons. For the BGMI weapon tricks, we recommend you to prioritize Assault and Snipper rifles as they are very handy and have a long range. It gives you benefit to hit the target from a far and safe place. You can use shotgun, but it takes time to reload and fire.

3. Burst Fire Automatic Weapons

Make sure that when you are using automatic weapons, they can fire in burst. This weapon will increase the chance to hit the target. You can also move whilst shooting the target. This kind of weapon is far more effective when you are in open fight with other players.

4. Don’t Let the Circle Force You In

When you are landing on the island, you will receive a map of the entire island which will shrink by the time. You can see the smaller circle which keep shrinking and becomes smaller. This circle will limit the movement area of the players, since it’s a battle royale game.

As you are playing, you cannot go out of the circle or you will get damage. The damage the players receive will be small the first time, but by the time, the players will receive big damage if they keep staying near the circle. That’s why we suggest you to avoid the circle wall.

If you are in this position, we suggest you to find a building near the center of the circle. Other players will be likely to go to this building for a safe place as they might realize that the circle is getting smaller too. There, you can wait for other players who get in to the building and shot them.

But it’s likely that other players would do the same strategy to as it’s Battleground India game. So, keep an eye on the building and be careful when you are entering the buildings.

5. Avoid Deaths

Remember that the main focus of playing BGMI Mobile game is to stay alive. Keeping yourself alive is much more important than maximizing the number of kills. Having a high number of kills might be an achievement like other games. However, what is the point of you can kill the 99 other players but your life ends up in the last player. You are still lost. This is the one forgotten BGMI tricks, yet is very important.

This game is about staying alive rather than killing many players. Don’t try to be a Rambo. Be careful when you are entering a building or construct. Always pay attention to your surrounding. Aim to minimize the death because that’s how you succeed in playing a battle royale game.

6. Don’t Loot the Dead Body Immediately

After you shoot someone, don’t get near the corpse unless you are sure that he is already died. This is to minimize the chance that the player is still alive. I believe you don’t want to get kill when you try to loot the dead body.

It’s better to shot it on the head to make sure that the corpse will not raise again. And don’t forget to check you surrounding because who knows that there may be other players hide to loot the dead body or shoot you.

7. Use Headphones:

You Know that Sound is very Important in this BGMI Game. So always Wear headphones while playing the game. In headphones you can listen footsteps sound easily which we cannot listen directly in pc or mobile speaker. with footsteps sound of enemy you can easily kill him and save your self.

8. When In Combat, Go Zigzag

When you are in Combat run zig zag dont run staraight. All you know that in BGMI Combat is necessary so try to save from combat while running zig zag position. zig zag position is the best position to save your life.

9. Be Careful! Everything can Explode.

When playing Fortnite Battle Royale, you must remember that all stuff in this game can explode. Even though your building or construction seems so tough and strong, it doesn’t guarantee that it will keep standing after a rocket launcer hits it. So, you have to be ready at any time. Always remember that you cannot stay in one area for a long time. You have to keep moving.

10. Drink Shield Potion

This is the last best Battleground Mobile India tips, always drink your shield potion as soon as possible. You can find this potion somewhere in the game. This potion will give you a shield that is very useful to increase your survival ability. So you have a better chance to win the BGMI.

So, that’s all guys about the Top 10 BGMI Battle Royale Tips and Tricks for Beginners. We do hope that it helps you so much in playing Battleground game. Always pay attention to your surroundings when you are playing BGMI. So you like our tips then share it with your BGMI player so that they can also learn from them. If you have any problem then comments us I will try to help you as soon as possible.


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