How To Fix: “Unable To Connect To Nvidia”

Are you looking for solutions to fix “unable to connect to Nvidia” error in your system?

Well fortunately, there are hacks available on internet to fix this error.

Whenever Nvidia GeForce Experience users try to connect to Nvidia server, users may face the error “unable to connect to Nvidia”.

Main purpose to connect to Nvidia server is to update your system graphic card drivers to the latest version.

This tech guide will present you the most advanced and step by step guide to fix “unable to connect to Nvidia” error in GeForce Experience. How to Setup CPU Pritory.

Method 1: Disable NVIDIA Services to Fix “Unable To Connect To Nvidia”

This method to fix “Unable to connect Nvidia” error is the most simple and easy to follow.

By disabling Nvidia services in your system, you will be able to connect to Nvidia server from your system.

Step 1:

It is possible that Nvidia networking status may be stuck in starting loop. You need to verify this first.

Press Win Key + R. Run box will appear. Type services.msc and hit enter.

Services window will display. On the right panel, locate NVIDIA Network Service.

Verity that NVIDIA Network Service is stuck in starting status.

Step 2:

Now go to this location in your system:

C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\NetService\

Find the NSManagedTasks.xml file in above location. It is possible that you may not find the file in that location. You need to show hidden files from folders and search options.

(To show hidden files, type folder options in start menu search and click on folder options.

Click on view tab and select “Show hidden files, folders and drives” from given options and click on apply.

This will show hidden files and folders in your system).

Delete this file NSManagedTasks.xml in above location from your system.

Step 3:

Now open task manager by right click on taskbar menu on desktop and select Task Manger.

(You can also start windows task manager by typing task manager in start menu search and select windows task manger from given options).

Click on second tab “Processes” on Windows Task Manger. Select “show processes from all users”.

Locate this process “NVNetworkService.exe *32” from process list. Right click on it and select End Process.

After killing the Nvidia Network Process from windows task manager, start NVIDIA Network Service from Services window.

(Open Services window again if you have already closed it, Just type services.msc in the run box (windows key + R) or just type services.msc in the start menu search)

Select NVIDIA Network Service from Service window right panel, right click on it and click on start option.

Start the GeForce Experience again. If it is already running, just exit and run it again.

Now you will be able to connect to NVIDIA server and can update your graphic card drivers and GeForce Experience to the latest version.

This method to fix “Unable to connect Nvidia” error is the mostly used solution. Just try it and get your problem solved.

Method 2: Update GeForce Experience to the Latest Version to Fix “Unable To Connect To Nvidia”

Make sure that latest version of GeForce Experience is installed on your system.

If GeForce Experience version is older than 2.5, go to the website of GeForce Experience and download the latest version.

Now manually install the latest GeForce Experience version to your system.

Updating GeForce Experience to the latest version will mostly fix “Unable to Connect to Nvidia” error on your system.

Method 3: Update NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Manually to Fix “Unable To Connect To Nvidia”

Go to GeForce Experience drivers update website and update Nvidia graphics card driver to the latest version.

On drivers update website, you will see three options.

  1. Automatic Driver Updates
  2. Manual Driver Search
  3. Auto-Detect Your GPU

Automatic Driver Updates

With this option, your graphic card drivers will be automatically updated to the latest version

Manual Driver Search

With this option, you need to specifically search your graphic card driver and download its updates and install on your system manually.

Auto-Detect Your GPU

With this option, GeForce Experience will automatically detect your GPU and install the latest updates according to your system requirements.

Final Summary: Fix: “Unable To Connect To Nvidia”

  • You can disable NVIDIA Services in your system.
  • You can update GeForce Experience or NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Manually to the Latest Version.

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