How to Do More Damage on Battleground Mobile India

In BGMI today Article, we are going to share how to do more damage on Battleground Mobile India using a shotgun. A shotgun is a weapon that you can get while playing the BGMI India First of all let’s talk about a shotgun and how a shotgun works.

First you need to understand how a shotgun works. Shotguns don’t just shoot a couple bullets like the other gun. Some people don’t understand this. When you shoot a shotgun, it will shoot a spread of pallets.

How to Do More Damage on Battleground Mobile:

There are some reasons why you don’t do big damage when you shoot using shotguns:

  • First reason: it’s maybe the enemy is super far away from where you stand. The spread of the pallets may not be able to fully reach the enemy. That’s why the damage is not maximum.
  • Second reason: you might have a shaky shot. You jump around while shooting the enemy which causes only a few of your pallets hit the enemy.
  • Third reason: head shot. If you hit the enemy in the head, it does have more damage than the body. For example if you are in a combat and you shoot an enemy at the body whereas he hits you on the head, he will likely to win the combat.

So, our ultimate BGMI tip when you shoot using a shotgun is always to aim at the head of your enemy. Look at the yellow hit marker when you aim at the head with a shotgun. You can place the sign area on the middle of your screen and when the head of the enemy shows up, you can jump around while aiming at the head.

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Now let’s talk about the there different types of shotguns and how to do more damage by picking the right type of the shotgun.

Pump Shotgun

This shotgun has the best damage, the best range, but it has the worst fire rate and pull out time. It’s super slow to pull out because of the new patch. You probably will see other players running around holding this gun because of the slow pull out. So, it becomes unusable.

However, we think that a pump shotgun is the best shotgun in this game if you do have a good shot. You need to carry something out with you when using this shotgun. If you do hit the body of your enemy, you need to change with the second weapon because the second pump shot takes time.

Tactical Shotgun

Tactical shotgun is a very good shotgun because it’s the best to spray with. If your accuracy is not the best because you’re a newbie or a new player then the tactical shotgun is perfect for you. It’s the best to spray and super good up close, especially when you are facing multiple enemies.

This tactical shotgun is good for multiple reasons. First of all, if you miss the shot, you still have multiple chances. Secondly, you don’t need a swap like when you are using the pump shotgun. It means that you only need one inventory slot and use others to keep the sniper, RPG or other weapon.

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Stick to tactical shotgun if you get a nervous in the late game. It will give you more opportunity when you aim at the head shot. That’s why it’s the best gun to use up close personally.

Heavy Shotgun

Heavy Shotgun is the most rare shotgun in the game. It’s only available in Purple and Gold. This shotgun is really cool, but we think that the quality is in between the pump and tactical shotgun.

It’s also a bit hard to get used to because you might don’t have the opportunity to find this heavy shotgun. However, you can get this shotgun by finding a gold chest or from killing other players who owned it.

The cool thing about heavy shotgun is that if you have two heavy shotguns in your inventory, then you can do double pumps with it. No delay and over power. But it’s very heavy.

That’s everything to do with the shotguns. Learn more about the characteristic of the shotguns that you are going to use. Always aim at the head to have more damage compare to when you shot at the body.

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