All Weapon Detail in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

As I’m sure you’re all aware, in Battlegrounds Mobile, the stats for weapons and attachments aren’t very detailed, which often makes telling the difference between similar weapons difficult (especially after a major update). This has led to many unreliable and roughly estimated weapon stats guides appearing online. However, BGMI is pleased to reveal detailed data-mined stats of all guns, grenades, melee weapons, helmets, armored vests, belts, backpacks, attachments, consumables, and ammunition.

Find out hit damage, initial bullet speed, body hit impact power, zero range, the time between shots, and much more. So whether you’ve just picked up a shotgun, 15x scope, or a frying pan, these detailed stats to every item in BGMI will help you decide what to keep and what to drop so you can get that chicken dinner.

BGMI All Types of Weapons:

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper Rifles are the ultimate long range weapon in PUBG. Although their high damage and extreme range capabilities do come at a cost – the small magazine sizes and slow rate of fire can leave players vulnerable – the incredibly high headshot damage means they can decimate low-ranked armor from hundreds of meters away. The enemy won’t even see you coming.

Assault Rifles:

Although sniper rifles are useful given the frequency of long-range firefights, assault rifles are handy mid-range weapons ideal for all skills levels. They’re regarded as the most versatile type of weapon in PUBG due to their adaptability via attachments, and many recommend carrying at least one for late game combat.

Submachine Guns:

Submachine Guns are great rapid-fire, close-range weapons perfect for burying your opponent in a shower of bullets. They’re particularly useful inside buildings, and the ability to respond quickly and fire so many shots in close range can easily overwhelm unsuspecting opponents. When using the Vector, it’s important to pair it with an extended magazine, otherwise, the default capacity of 13 bullets could leave you in a tricky situation.


Shotguns are excellent close-range weapons for clearing buildings or sneaking up on an unsuspecting player camping behind a tree. Shotguns are deadly when you’re camping out in a building and waiting for enemies to walk through the door, blasting them away before they even realize you’re there. The S686 and S1897 can become surprisingly accurate when equipped with a choke attachment, reducing shot spread and increasing shot speed.


Pistols are a high-risk, low-reward weapon with limited ammo carry and damage output but perfect for early game fights that may occur immediately after you land. Right now, they don’t have much use in-game, and should only be used until you find a main weapon (unless you want to show off).


The M249 Light Machine Gun is a care package only weapon with a large 100 round magazine. The high damage and rapid rate of fire make the M249 a potent tool for car destruction, while at mid-range in short bursts it can tear exposed targets to pieces. The M249 is even surprisingly effective at long ranges, particularly if you go prone and deploy the tripod.

The Crossbow is the perfect weapon for people who want to share clips of themselves pulling off funny kills. The Crossbow deals out some of the highest damage in the game, but poor range and a slow projectile travel time make it difficult to use, even if it is incredibly satisfying to kill with it. The quiver attachment also slightly improves the painful reload time.

Melee Weapons :

Melee weapons are ideal for close-range stealth kills but should only be used as a last resort. The pan blocks shot from all ranged weapons, even when it’s on your back, making it the most popular melee weapon right now. However, you should only really consider them sidearms or weapons of last resort.


The throwable weapon type is capable of direct damage, especially the Frag Grenade and Molotov Cocktail, but they’re best used for crowd control and tactical manoeuvres. For example, the Smoke Grenade can help conceal your movements, while the Stun Grenade can give you the temporary advantage you need to rush a building and take out the enemy.

Weapon Attachments:

Every firearm in the game can be modified with various attachments. This includes sights to increase range, magazines to increase ammunition capacity, and even stocks to increase accuracy.

So these are some types of weapons that are used in Battleground Mobile India to Damage the enemy. If you like our article about weapons then shareit with your friends I hope they will like our articles.


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