BGMI India Release Date: Battleground Mobile India Launch

All you know that BGMI is stands for Battleground Mobile India. BGMI is a reintroduced version of Pubg. BGMI is an Indian Pubg with Some Indian features. In this game, only Indian players can play each other in india. After banning Pubg in India Many players are waiting for Pubg for India. But Krafton introduces New version of Pubg for especially in India. In this Indian version, the developer removes all the problem which are not under Indian government. This game is available for all platforms like Android, iPhone, and Windows, etc.
Recently the Registration of BGMI starts on Android App. Who register first can get a lot of awards like clothes skins etc. Krafton improves many things in PUBG to make a special for Indian players like graphics and system requirements low.

BGMI Mobile Lite Version:

Many User are asking question that Battleground mobile India also launched in Lite Version the developer’s answer is that Lite version of Battlegrounds was not released because in lite version there is low pc configuration but In Indian BGMI they already have a low system requirement.

When is Battleground Mobile India Released:

After Announcement of Krafton developer all the player who are waiting for a long time Pubg India have good news. The Pubg Developer have announce the Battleground Mobile India for Indian Player. Now the Trailer of BGMI is released you can check it from given below. Now come to point that when is BGMI released So according to the internet source the Battleground mobile is released on Third Week of June Which means BGMI is released approximately on 18th June 2021.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Restrictions:

Battleground Mobile India is Announce in india with some Restrictions like the Player who is less than 18 Year old then they need to Parents Permission to download the BGMI. If they are Plus 18 Year old then they No Need Permission. To get permission first of all you need to enter your parents mobile number then they send otp then verify it game start download.

The second Restriction is that the Children not play BGMI for more than three hours a day. In this 2nd Restriction less then 18 year old not spend more than 7000 rupees in BGMI game.

All you know that BGMI is especially for Indian Country In this Only Indian Player who is live i India can play this game on Mobile and Pc etc. If you are Indian and you are live in another country then you can not play this game. Another thing is that You can only play this game with friends only in India. You can check BGMI Weapons and iTems.

Battlegroud Mobile India Reward and Pre- Registration Link:

Here is  the link to the Google Play BGMI, where users can pre-register:

Krafton also released rewards that are for those who can pre-register for BGMI:

  1. Recon Mask
  2. Celebration Expert Title
  3. 300 AG
  4. Recon Outfit

Given below are Krafton BGMI social media handles to get all the detail about the game:

Website: Click here

Instagram: Click here

YouTube channel: Click here

Facebook: Click here

Discord server: Click here

Is this article about when is Battleground Mobile India is going to released. In the above information we can clear that BGMI is releasing on 18 june 2021. if there is not released on 18th june then it will come till 30th june so stay tuned our site to get all latest update for BGMi india. If you like our article then shareit with your friends I hope your friends will also like our artcile. Thanks for visiting on our site.


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