Best 5 Free Mobile Security Apps To Notify Before Phone Is Lost

Though there are numerous apps readily available in Android app markets as well as in iOS App Store and selecting best free mobile security apps amongst them is rather challenging. Let me tell you, paid apps have somewhat benefits over free apps. However several of the free apps are surpassing paid apps and also thus when it concerns your mobile security, it never matters whether your apps are paid or free. You can also read articles to increase uTorrent speed.

So let’s discuss 5 best free mobile security apps that truly functions as paid one:-.


McAfee is likewise a well known security apps which is currently readily available for cell phones also. McAfee enables you to check your android or iOS tools in deep.

It aids you to comprehend how apps are accessing your individual info and also aid you to keep your data exclusive. Now you can not be harmed from fake web links, QR codes, emails and also social networking websites.

If sadly your phone is shed or stolen you could find it on map, you can also lock, get rid of as well as backup it effortlessly with this best mobile security app. Like avast, it is likewise offered in app store without any cost and you can additionally update it.

One noteworthy feature of McAfee Mobile Security is that it offers CaptureCam. CaptureCam is a feature whereby McAfee catches images of individual attempting to unlock your display with wrong PIN, password, or pattern. And McAfee will certainly notify you with an email consisting of images of that individual. Sounds great? Yea, it is!


You might be popular with avast for Windows PC due to the fact that it is popular for its impressive security efficiency. As avast is well-known for PC currently it is quite prominent for mobile security with 7 million suggestions.

avast! Free Mobile Security is one of the best free mobile security apps. It provides users Anti-Virus securities, add a firewall to block hackers.You could additionally filter incoming calls as well as SMS messages. Currently, you can additionally track your network or wifi data usages.

avast displays your security status and alerts regarding affected websites. Likewise, it vehicle remedies your mis-typed URLs.

Avast Anti-Theft provides a push-button control options for locating and recovering your phone, if it is lost or stolen. Though avast! Free Mobile Security is offered with no expense in app store but also for even more features you can upgrade your membership plan by paying some money.


360 Mobile Security executes virus scans, trash cleanups as well as memory optimization in a single touch. Accelerator & Power saver handle background apps to make your phone quicker as well as save power.

With telephone call and also SMS blocker you could block unwanted calls. Save your mobile data by monitoring your data usage.

360 Mobile Security is additionally among best free mobile security apps because it likewise offers Anti-Theft protection that optimize the possibility of recovering your phone or its data if your phone is shed or stolen.


Now your phone will be secure whether you are playing video games, videos or doing some work with it. NQ Mobile Security offers Anti-Virus security that safeguards against spyware, malware and also hackers.

NQ Mobile security functions same as all the above listed apps. It offers every little thing to the users like backup & bring back, locate, lock eliminate or wipe your phone and shield our phones from malwares virus and artificial links on web.

It likewise provides secure scanning like car correct URLs, blocking web shields and so on. You can obtain it from app store, android play store and so on and also you can additionally update it considering that NQ Mobile Security offers costs version at only $19.99 per year.


Lookout is additionally one of best free mobile security apps readily available in app store.

It supplies a top quality anti-virus service that clean our phone along with our sd card in deep. It is a quite trusted app that’s why it has actually obtained millions of downloads. Make your Pc Fast.

Lookout security also find users who are attempting to access your phone with wrong PIN, password as well as pattern send an email relating to that individual. Lookout automatically conserve your last area when your battery is obtaining low or your phone is turning off.

It likewise offers backup and brings back features so currently with Lookout Mobile Security, backup your data and also recover it in any kind of mobile phone or tablet you want.


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