9 Common Mistakes New Players Make in BGMI

Battleground Mobile India is the most popular Battle Royale game that you can play on PC and Mobile. Make sure you check the tips and tricks of Fortnite before playing this battle royale game or you will end up making the 9 common mistakes that new players make.

What are the mistakes people like to do while playing Battleground? In this article, we will discuss them all so that you know how to avoid mistakes. Or you will probably improve your skill in playing BGMI Battle Royale.

9 Common Mistakes New Players Make

1. They neither build correctly nor build at all

The first common mistakes new players make is that they don’t build something correctly or they even don’t build something at all. What makes Battleground Mobile India different than other Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite is that it allows the players to build something. The players can build anything like wall, stair, building, ramp or even tower.

Unfortunately the new players are lacking of idea of how to build something to cover themselves from the enemy. If you can build something like wall or stair correctly, you can use it as a protection for yourself from behind you which then you can use to consume the potion quickly. It also gives you time to prepare for a battle that can lead you to winning the game.

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2. Find low-quality guns:

As you are playing the game, you will likely be in a combat situation. The first thing to do is to find a weapon to protect yourself or to win your first combat. But the mistake is that most of the player just don’t try to find a good weapon in the beginning.

Instead, the game continues, BGMI Battle Royale players must find a higher quality gun as soon as possible. They give more damage than the lower quality weapons.

Land on a roof or a window and try to break in to the building. You will likely find some gold chests in the building. The gold chests are scattered around the map. Sometimes they are in a building or on top of a hill. The gold chest also provides ammo and some med that are very useful in Fortnite.

3. Only landing in major city

Just because the city has a name on the map, it doesn’t make the city is any better than other places on the map. Other players might have similar thought to land on the name city on the map. It’s surely a disadvantage for you because your chance to find good weapons is small. You must compete with other players too.

What you have to do is to land on the minor city. There you have a bigger chance to search for good weapons that you will need for combat. If you are lucky enough, you will likely to find the gold chests.

4. Underestimating the important of sound

This is what new and even pro players like to make mistakes, that is underestimating the sound. When you are playing Battleground India, we suggest you wear a headset. By wearing the headset you will be more focused and you can hear even the smallest sound.

Sound is important. Remember that any sound on BGMI could be a clue for you. It can gives you a warning if you have other players around you. So you can be more prepared to ambush or protect yourself.

5. Over value being on the offensive

When you are in the beginning on the video, try to engage on the combat that you think you can win. By doing this you will have higher chance to survive and you’d probably will have more kill. So, there are two things you should consider before jump in a combat; engage or not to engage.

6. Leaving obvious trail behind

The next mistakes that new players make is leaving obvious trail behind. Other players who notices the trail might follow them and eventually kill them. What are the trails? They could be gun ammo, stairs, destroyed rooftop or wall, etc.

A player can guess where the others players are going by looking at the building left behind, that is by assuming most of the players run in a straight line.

7. Underrate explosion

Unlike Fortnite, Free Fire or other Battle Royale games, BGMI Mobile India allows the players to build objects and take cover anyway. They can build objects with wood, bricks, metal, clay, or any things. But don’t forget that those things can explode.

When there is an explosion, many people will be panicking. When they panic, they make really bad decision that can give a clear or open shot. This is surely an advantage for other players. Now, get yourself a rocket launcher and explode some buildings to make them run from their nest. Then, use the panicking moment to take them down.

8. Being too afraid of storm

Many players are afraid of being in a storm. Whenever the storm is coming, everybody starts to run in a wild direction. They go to enemy team and die because of that mistake.

It’s okay to be in the storm for a little while. Especially if you have healing potion, you can stay a bit longer in the storm. You can sneak out and get the better angle to find the enemy. The storm doesn’t give you a big damage anyway.

9. Not being able to jump from the Vehicle correctly

This is the last mistake that many new players do, not being able to jump from the bus correctly. We know that everyone can jump from the bus anytime. It may be a few seconds different than other players. It doesn’t really matter. What matter is that you jump at the appropriate time.

The best time to jump from the bus is not always being the first person, but the one that get to the ground first. You jump directly from the Vehicle and go straight down to the ground as fast as you can. Then, hit your glider and it will take you to a very long way to the town, house or place that you want to go to.

This way, you will get loot, weapon or any items that you need sooner than other players.

That’s it about the 9 common mistakes new players make. We hope it could help you improve the way you play this game. Keep playing BGMI Battle Royale. Write something on the comment box if you find another mistake that new players do. So if you like our article then share it with everyone on social media. I hope they will also learn some good points.


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